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Your roadmap to an Efficient Project Execution

Who we are as Dynatron

Dynatron is a professional Engineering, Project Development and Management Consultancy, specializing in Oil, Gas and Energy.

Dynatrons skillset is not limited to Engineering and Management but also encompasses the areas of Operations, Legal, Commercial and Finance.

In a fast changing world bringing increased challenges for clients, our relationships with clients and 3rd parties is key.

Dynatrons global experience in mature and developing markets allows us to understand and enhance client’s expectations.

Engineering. Energy. Development.

Global Operation

Dynatron operates globally with head offices based in Dubai and Cyprus

Covid - 19 

Necessary precautions and measures are taken to ensure safety in the workplace

Climate Control

Dynatron continues to play its part in looking after the environment

Innovative Thinking

Creating opportunities and transformative change leading to new ideas

Sustainable Energy

Safe and renewable energy in order to preserve the environment

Industry Leaders

Dynatron paves the way in Oil, Gas and Energy as well as Development

Our Global Footprint

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